That's God
Author unknown to me

Have you ever been down and out and nobody seems to be around for you to talk to? That's God...He wants you to talk to Him.

Have you ever been just sitting there and all of a sudden you feel like doing something nice for someone you care for? That's God... He talks to you through the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven't seen in a long time and then the next thing you know you see them or receive a phone call from them? That's God...there's no such thing as coincidence or luck.

Have you ever received something wonderful that you haven't even asked for like money in the mail, a debt that had mysteriously been cleared, or a coupon for a department store where you just saw something you really wanted, but couldn't afford? That's God...He knows the desires of your heart.

Have you ever been in a situation, and you had no clue how it was going to get better, but the problem was solved in an unexpected way? That's God...He passes us through tribulation to see a brighter day.

God Will Take Care of You!


Searching Questions
by Rev. Robert E. Mortensen

Have you ever thought of the miracle wrought
On the cross of Calvary,
When God's Gift of Grace took the sinner's place
And died in such agony?

Does it mean ought to you that He your plight knew
And died while He whispered your name;
That He went to the tree out of deep love for thee
And a passion your soul to reclaim?

Oh, the love of the Lord as revealed in His Word,
And so gloriously shown in His son;
Ought to humble our heart, make the scalding tears start
As we realize for us it was done.

Would you like to repay, in a manner you may
The Lord, for His goodness to you?
Then give up your sin; let the Savior come in,
And to all of His will e'er be true.

God Will Take Care of You!


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